karrigan names FaZe and NAVI's biggest threats in the second half of 2022

FaZe's in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen named the main rivals of his team and NAVI in the second half of this year in an interview with Jaxon.gg. According to the Dane, Vitality, G2, Cloud9 and Liquid will be a threat to the current leaders of the CS:GO pro scene.

I think there are a lot of teams who have shown great potential during EPL. So, the teams that will be a threat are Vitality, G2, Cloud9, and Liquid. There is a smaller gap now than there has been the whole year between competitors and NaVi and us. Maybe there isn’t even a gap anymore. We will find out at the Rio Major.

karrigan was also happy to note that even in poor form, his team managed to qualify for the Major in Brazil without suffering a single loss.

These past two weeks have been rough on the team, but I also think it shows the team’s mentality. Even though we are far from peak performance, we find a way to win as a team. I believe it showcases how strong this team is, especially when it’s the first time we have experienced a rough period like this. I think our second bootcamp together as a team before Rio Major will help us a lot, so we can get close to the level we are used to.

At the European RMR event, FaZe consecutively bested GamerLegion, fnatic and Sprout, which allows them to kick off the IEM Rio 2022 campaign from the Legends Stage.

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