s1ren: "I’d like to at least repeat the result of the previous Major"

Team Spirit member Pavel "s1ren" Ogloblin, in a conversation with the club's press office, shared the story of his path to a professional CS:GO career and, among other things, summed up the intermediate results of representing the CIS team's main roster. Team Spirit published the interview with the Russian on their YouTube channel.

Speaking about his own progress, Ogloblin thanked the coach and the psychologist for their help in development. The 20-year-old rifler also expressed hope that in the future he will be able to surpass his best achievement, which is reaching the semifinals of PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

I've been playing in Team Spirit since the winter, and I've gotten a lot better than I was before. In terms of the game, my macro skills have become better compared to when I just got in the team, our coach hally helped me with that, he really boosted me in this sense. Speaking of the out-of-game moments, our psychologist boosted the mental health I used to have a lot of problems with. Alexander spends a lot of time with us at tournaments and bootcamps, and I can feel that he makes us better.

My most memorable moment in Team Spirit is playing at the Major in front of an audience in the arena. You realize that everything you were moving towards is right in front of you, you've been dreaming about it for a long time, and you're finally there, it's a very pleasant feeling, and it's definitely worth playing for. For the next game year, I’d like to at least repeat the result of the previous Major, play in front of the audience again, get the same emotions, and I’d definitely like to win this time.

The video has English subtitles.