All stages of IEM Rio Major 2022 to be held in front of live audience

The organizers of IEM Rio Major 2022 have announced on their official website that fans will be able to watch all stages of the tournament live. Initially, only the playoff stage was to be held in front of a live audience.

ESL's press release notes that the decision to expand the presence of audience was made after a lot of excitement from the Brazilian fans. Previously, all tickets for the playoffs were sold within an hour.

Another important change was the increase in seating capacity of the Jeunesse Arena, where the playoffs will play out. After moving the stage to the center of the venue, the fans will be able to be on all sides from teams, while what is happening on the server will be broadcasted on a large cube-shaped screen.

The concept of the stage for the IEM Rio 2022 playoffs:

Besides the aforementioned changes, ESL will organize a fan festival near the Major venue featuring popular streamer Alexandre "⁠gAuLeS⁠" Chiqueta, who will provide live commentary. This will allow everyone who could not purchase tickets to watch the tournament together with a crowd.

IEM Rio 2022 with a prize pool of $1 million is scheduled to take place from October 31 to November 8 in Rio de Janeiro. The first two stages will be hosted by a specially equipped conference center, after which the eight best teams will fight for the title on the stage of the Jeunesse Arena.