nexa: "OG can challenge any team in the world right now. We have the firepower" 

OG's in-game leader Nemanja "nexa" Isaković believes that in its best form, his team is able to compete with any opponents on an equal footing. He spoke about this in an interview for Dexerto, where he also explained the reasons for an unsuccessful run at ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022. 

According to the captain, the current OG roster showed its best game at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, and in order to succeed in the future, it must maintain this level. 

We showed it at BLAST how animated everyone was – we were fist-bumping and screaming even though it was a studio event, giving it everything we got. In contrast to [DreamHack Melbourne], we’re playing on stage in front of a crowd and we’re just dead inside.

I know we can challenge any team in the world right now. We have the firepower, we are tactically sound. We know how to beat every team and it’s just about this one thing that clicks for us. Once it clicks and everyone is on fire with a lot of energy and we just start speaking to each other – it’s not dead in the comms – we actually play some really good CS. If that clicks and we play at the same level we did at BLAST, I could see us making some real damage at the Major.

OG arrived at ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 as the main favorites, but after falling to Entropiq and Wings Up, they ended up finishing second to last. nexa knows what went wrong at this tournament and how to fix it. 

We ran out of energy. It wasn’t just the travel. We had a bootcamp right as the season started then we played the RMR qualifier then we played BLAST. We were on the road for 32 days straight up to here, so it took a toll on us. It’s not to make excuses – we played terribly this whole tournament. You may think there’s some worrisome signs off the back of this tournament but we know why we played badly, what the issues were, and how to fix them for next time.

OG's next tournament will be the European RMR event. The regional qualifier for the IEM Rio Major 2022 will take place in Malta on October 4-9.