vorborg: "Evil Geniuses not putting the pressure of previous rosters results on our shoulders"

Evil Geniuses coach Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg gave an interview to Jaxon.gg, in which he talked about his goals at the helm of the North American team. According to the Danish specialist, the club's management does not require immediate success and understands that achieving good results takes time.

In EG I have a much more narrow focus, where my "only" job is to create a successful CS:GO team. I had a lot of long conversations with several people in EG, before I decided that this was the right opportunity for me. One of the things that were very important to me, was that the project should have a long-term focus. EG has been great at not putting the pressure of previous rosters results on our shoulders, and they acknowledge that this is a new project, and to do things the right way takes time.

Vorborg also noted the advantages that his team has due to the presence of two other rosters in Evil Geniuses' CS:GO division. The coach believes that such a system significantly improves the training process.

We have the advantage of setting up practice as we see fit – whereas other teams only play practice games against rival teams. Sometimes you want to practice something very specific, like playing against an aggressive CT side as an example. The issue is if the opponents you are playing against are not being aggressive, you are not practicing what you actually need to practice to improve.

After signing two new players and a coach, Evil Geniuses had an unsuccessful run at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022. The team lost all their matches and finished in last place.

EG's next games will take place on September 21-25 in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 16. In the fight for three spots in the playoffs, the North Americans will face Cloud9, Liquid, Eternal Fire, Movistar Riders and FURIA.

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