hooch: "A coach is like an older friend who can give advice, scold and support"

Entropiq coach Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov shared his opinion on his profession in an interview to the club's YouTube channel. The Russian specialist believes that a head coach of a team should be not only a mentor in the game for players but also an older friend who can share his life experience with his wards.

What is a coach for me? In addition to regular duties and working with the team, it seems to me that this is a person who monitors the atmosphere in the team. A person who any of the players can turn to when it is difficult for them both in terms of game and life. This is a person who should unite people around a common idea, explain to them that thanks to each other they can become the best in the world. A coach is like an older friend, like some kind of uncle who can give advice, scold and support. I think everything is in balance. The main thing is to keep some kind of line in which you must be a good friend to the companions you work with. But again, there must be a line, an understanding that you, as a coach, are responsible for the result and you will be the first to give an answer if something goes wrong. It seems to me that coaching is a very interesting and difficult profession.

Bogdanov has been coaching the current Entropiq roster since 2020. Under his leadership, the team won several online tournaments and also finished in second place at V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 and Funspark ULTI 2021.

Origin: youtu.be