sdy on losing to Vitality: "We made some questionable decisions in crucial rounds"

In a short interview to NAVI's YouTube channel, the team's member Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev spoke about the defeat in an important match against Vitality at ESL Pro League Season 16, which could secure the Black-and-Yellow an early spot in the playoffs of the tournament. According to the Ukrainian esports athlete, the squad made a lot of mistakes that have yet to be sorted out to understand the reason for the unsuccessful game.

There were a lot of mistakes. We were giving away a lot of opening kills, underperforming here and there and losing a lot of ecos. We made some questionable decisions in crucial rounds. It was weird.

[Were you just not focused enough as a team or what?] I don't know really. We need to look into and analyze what happened. 

NAVI retain their chances of advancing to the next stage of the Pro League if they win in the last round of Group A, where they will face off against NIP. The Swedish team is quite unpredictable, sdy admits.

I think they've completely changed their game. I talked to hampus here and he said they're rebuilding everything from scratch and they have a new AWPer, so we'll see.

The NAVI – NIP match will kick off today, September 4, at 20:30 MSK. A live broadcast and up-to-date results of ESL Pro League Season 16 can be found on our website via this link.