MOUZ, Sprout, Falcons and Aurora qualify for Europe RMR event

MOUZ, Sprout, Falcons and Aurora will take part in the upcoming European RMR tournament. These squads earned the spots in the event through the first open qualifier.

During the qualifiers, the top four won several best-of-ones, after which they went on to play best-of-threes for a ticket to the RMR tournament. In the playoffs, MOUZ, Sprout, Falcons and Aurora got the better of Portuguese Family, ECSTATIC, OG and BLUEJAYS, respectively.

Unlike the other winners of the first qualifying event, Aurora compete without the support of any organization. The most famous member of the roster is ex-Entropiq player Viktor "Lack1" Boldyrev and former NAVI skipper Sergey "starix" Ischuk, who leads the team from the coaching position.

Today, August 17, the first of four Europe open qualifiers will continue with additional matches in which Portuguese Family, ECSTATIC, OG and BLUEJAYS will fight for one spot in the RMR tournament. The matchday will also see the MOUZ – Sprout and Falcons – Aurora meetings, but their result will only affect the seeding within the event.

The three remaining qualifiers for the European RMR, where 15 more spots will be up for grabs, will take place from August 20 to 28.