Female CLG Red roster adds three new players

North American organization CLG has announced on its social media accounts the revamped female lineup. Joining the team ahead of the new season will be three new players.

As a result of the reshuffle, CLG Red veterans Diane "⁠di^⁠" Tran, Emma "Emy" Choe and Juliana "Juli" Tosic were replaced by American Marissa "madss" Dasta, Frenchwoman Coline "⁠Kaoday⁠" Le Floc'h and Australian Vivienne "⁠BiBiAhn⁠" Quach. The team, for the first time in its history, will be represented by esports athletes from Europe and Oceania.

Viktor "⁠flashie⁠" Tamás Bea will continue to coach the female squad. The Hungarian specialist was signed at the end of 2020 after he led the roster to victory at DreamHack Showdown Winter 2020.

The upcoming tournament in CLG Red's calendar is the women's ESL Impact League Season 2. The event starts in the regional divisions in a month and ends with the LAN finals taking place on November 25-27 in Jönköping, Sweden.

Current  CLG Red lineup:

 Mounira "⁠GooseBreeder⁠" Dobie
 Vivienne "⁠BiBiAhn⁠" Quach
 Marissa "⁠madss⁠" Dasta
 Kelsie "⁠uhKelsie⁠" Click
 Coline "⁠Kaoday⁠" Le Floc'h

 Viktor "⁠flashie⁠" Tamás Bea (coach)

Origin: twitter.com