Movistar Riders announce new AWPer

Movistar Riders have announced the signing of Antonio "⁠MartinezSa⁠" Martinez Sánchez on their social media. The 21-year-old esports athlete became the new AWPer, taking the place of Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia who left the squad earlier.

MartinezSa has no tier 1 experience. His previous team was VELOX, which he represented since mid-2021.

Movistar Riders completed their roster three days before the start of the first open qualifier for the upcoming European RMR tournament. After the qualifiers, the Spaniards will take part in ESL Pro League Season 16, which they will start on September 21 with a match against Liquid in Group D.

 Movistar Riders' current lineup is:

 Alejandro "⁠mopoz⁠" Fernández-Quejo Cano
 Alejandro "⁠alex⁠" Masanet
 David "⁠dav1g⁠" Granado Bermudo
 Raúl "⁠DeathZz⁠" Jordán Nieto
 Antonio "⁠MartinezSa⁠" Martinez Sánchez

 Galder "⁠bladE⁠" Barcena (coach)