HEET announce JACKZ signing

French esports athlete Audric "JACKZ" Jug, who has previously left G2, will continue his career in HEET, the organization has announced on its official website.

Jug completed the HEET roster that had a vacant spot to fill after Lucas "Lucky" Chastang was moved to the bench.

The Frenchman joined the new squad after four years of donning the G2 jersey. With him on board, the team was among the leaders of the professional scene for a long time yet could not win any big tournament.

JACKZ is well acquainted with his new teammates, as at the beginning of 2021, temporarily being on G2's sidelines, he was one of the creators of the DBL PONEY roster. In January of this year, the French team was signed by HEET.

The first matches of the renewed HEET lineup will take place at the open qualifier for the upcoming European RMR tournament set to start on August 15.

 HEET's current lineup is:

 Alexandre "⁠bodyy⁠" Pianaro
 Aurélien "⁠afro⁠" Drapier
 Thomas "⁠Djoko⁠" Pavoni
 Pierre "⁠Ex3rcice⁠" Bulinge
 Audric "JACKZ" Jug

 Matthieu "⁠matHEND⁠" Roquigny (coach)

Origin: heet.gg