dumau turns down Liquid's offer for career in 00NATION

Brazilian Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer could have moved from GODSENT to Liquid before eventually deciding to sign with 00NATION, the player said in an interview with Dust2.com.br.

According to Wolkmer, the main reason for refusing to pursue his career in a famous North American organization was the wish to continue playing with teammates from GODSENT. The 18-year-old moved to 00NATION along with Bruno "latto" Robelatto and Epitacio "TACO" de Melo.

I got a offer, but I had to think, because I had two opportunities, it was either 00Nation or Liquid. I stopped for a while, thought, I decided to stay at Zero Zero because I already had the guys, latto and TACO, we already had teamplay, we feel the game the same way, we learned to play the same CS and then I decided to stay at Zero Zero. The language is also different and, at the moment, it's better to be with the guys. I also trust try and cold a lot too, they are very good, I trust the guys a lot.

dumau, along with the other two members of GODSENT, joined 00NATION in early July. The renewed roster made its debut at ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 (5-6th place), whilst now the Brazilian team is competing at the prestigious IEM Cologne 2022.

Origin: youtu.be