Blogger shows what CS:GO would look like if every wall could be shot through

Popular blogger WarOwl has tested a CS:GO mod that makes all the walls and other obstacles in the game wallbangable. He posted a video of what competitive matches would look like on different maps in such conditions on his YouTube channel.

In the given CS version, shooting through any surface or even several surfaces deals as much damage as a direct hit without any obstacles.

WarOwl noted that the gameplay in these conditions makes machine guns the most effective weapon in the game since a long-lasting spray aimed at certain positions makes it easy to kill opponents. Together with his teammates, the YouTuber was quick to realize that at the very beginning of the rounds, you can deal significant damage by shooting through the opposing team's spawn zone.

The author of the video noted that the ability to shoot through all the walls quickly gets boring and makes the whole match boring as well. He jokingly added that if someone is into playing in such conditions, they can try CS 1.6 or Valorant.