Zyphon: "Copenhagen Flames got in good shape, which we showed at the RMR tournament"

Copenhagen Flames player Rasmus "Zyphon" Nordfoss in a conversation with a journalist from Dust2.dk commented on his team's winning the spot in PGL Major Antwerp 2022. He believes that the successful performance at the RMR tournament, where the tickets to the Major were contested, is the result of a good shape, which the roster has recently gotten into.

We had good results until the last Major and for some time after. Soon things deteriorated significantly due to the fact that the team stopped working at full capacity. There was no proper attitude towards the game on our part, which was reflected in the results. I'm glad that Copenhagen Flames got in good shape, which we showed at the RMR tournament. It's like we have rediscovered our ability to succeed.

Of course, everyone in our team hoped to get the spot in the Major, but no one thought that it would be possible to go through the RMR event undefeated. It's great that we will start right from the Legends Stage and not from the Challengers.

At Europe RMR B, Copenhagen Flames defeated Sprout and SINNERS in the best-of-one format matches, and also took over NIP in a best-of-three.

Origin: www.dust2.dk