MAD Lions leave CS:GO and transfer-list entire roster

MAD Lions have announced the closure of their CS:GO division. The club from Spain published the press release on Twitter.

Representatives of MAD Lions did not explain the decision to leave the professional scene, only reporting that all the team's players were put on the transfer list.

MAD Lions has had a CS:GO roster since the organization's creation in 2017. After years of working predominantly with Spanish players, in 2019 the club signed a team led by Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen as an IGL, subsequently becoming the champions of the first Flashpoint season.

At the beginning of 2021, most of the Danish players left the roster. After that, the club brought in experienced coach Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski in an attempt to reform the squad, yet this did not lead to any significant results.

The following players of MAD Lions are now transfer-listed:

Thomas "⁠TMB⁠" Bundsbæk
Justinas "⁠jL⁠" Lekavicius
Johannes "⁠b0RUP⁠" Borup
Michał "⁠MICHU⁠" Müller
Viktor "⁠sdy⁠" Orudzhev
Volodymyr "⁠Woro2k⁠" Veletniuk