Jerry on forZe’s challenges at the RMR event: "We need to show that we came here for a reason"

forZe’s in-game leader Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov shared his expectations for his team’s performance at the Europe RMR in an interview to the club's YouTube channel. According to the IGL, his squad must concentrate and, despite the lack of experience, show everyone its own strength.

It doesn't matter how, but making it to the Major is important for me. The first step to my dream, just like to the dream of any other professional player, is to get to the Major and get on stage. Earning a spot will be the first step towards fulfilling the dream. We need to show that we came here for a reason. Lack of experience is more of an excuse, although it is real, since the guys have not even been to a single LAN, let alone an RMR, where stickers and all that is at stake. I need to be in over my head and prove that I am a good player.

Jerry, who is also a member of the Association of Professional Counter-Strike Players (CSPPA), commented on the merger of Europe and the CIS into one region for the Major-qualifying cycle. He considers this decision by Valve to be strange.

I am a member of the CSPPA, which acts as a players' union, and this organization is very unhappy with the merger of the RMR tournaments for Europe and the CIS. I also think that this is a rather strange step on the part of Valve. The number of spots for the Major has remained the same, but it has also become more difficult for outsiders, which will lead to overflowing with the same names. It’s a bad decision entertainment-wise, and it’s more difficult for us as players. Although, I don’t mind it either ways, because it’s nice to come to a LAN event with top teams, and not only with those from your region. There are several sides to this situation, but overall the players are unhappy.

forZe will take part in the first of two Europe RMRs, which is scheduled to take place from April 17 to 20.