Bubzkji: "I believe I had the level to compete for Astralis, but not in the role that I was given"

Danish player Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen has commented on his departure from Astralis in an interview with Dexerto. He believes that over the past year he managed to show a good individual form, but due to playing unsuitable roles, his potential was not fully realized.

Honestly speaking, I’ve felt very demotivated after missing out on the Major and being benched once again. Things had not been great for a long time, but then we finally had this big success moment and things were moving in the right direction individually. I believe I had the level to compete for Astralis, but not in the system or in the role that I was given. I felt I showed glimpses of 'greatness' in some events, but it was never really consistent. After dev1ce left, we actually did decently at IEM Cologne, and when gla1ve/dupreeh went for the AWP, there was a lot more space for me to do what I was good at.

But it wasn’t sustainable for them to AWP, so Astralis brought Lucky into the team. And then we had the issue again with dupreeh, gla1ve, and myself. We were basically competing for the same positions on the CT sides. When gla1ve was off, my performance again increased at IEM Fall, since there was a better role situation for my playstyle. But gla1ve is one of the best IGLs in the world, and he knew we collided a lot on the CT sides. [Also], he had to return at some point.

According to the previously published press release, after parting ways with Astralis, Andersen will work on Danish television as a CS:GO expert. The 23-year-old assured that this does not mean the end of his career as a professional player.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m retiring or that I’m never returning to CS competitively. But for the next period of time, I’ll be doing something else. And yes, I’m fully aware of the consequences of going out of form, and of becoming less relevant over time. I’ll still be around the high level. FACEIT, FPL, random qualifiers… But if I were to return soon, I wouldn’t have an issue with going to a lower-tier team again, I’ve done that before. My whole career has been underdog stories, where you build something out of nothing. The most important thing for me is that there’s a good chemistry role-wise between the type of players you have.

Bubzkji joined Astralis in the summer of 2020. Since then, his best achievement was the victory at DreamHack Masters Winter 2020. The last match on the professional scene the Dane played in October last year.

Origin: www.dexerto.com