FalleN: "I left Liquid myself and turned down offers from top teams to create Last Dance"

Brazilian esports athlete Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo gave an interview to Globo Esporte, where he spoke about the reasons for creating his Last Dance roster and the difficulties in finding an organization that would sign the Brazilian team. Among other things, the player said that in order to start a new stage in his career, he initiated the leave from Liquid and turned down several offers from good teams.

I left Liquid myself and turned down offers from top teams to create Last Dance. We were pleasantly surprised by such popularity of the project in the community. Deep down, I knew that everything would be fine with the new team, but there are always doubts. You think whether it was a right decision, but now, a week later, I am absolutely sure of it.

According to Toledo, many people outside of Brazil do not understand that, apart from the results, his team has value because it generates a lot of interest from the audience. Some foreign organizations are not aware of this, he added.

It is difficult to explain the value of our project to someone outside of Brazil. Many just do not understand the context of our country. The idea was that when we build such a team, a big number of fans will follow us. Foreigners are watching and wondering if this roster is capable of getting into the top 10 and qualifying for a Major. I do not agree with this business model. When negotiating with foreign organizations, I got the feeling that they paid more attention to how competitive a team could be. They didn't think we could give the club much more than results.

FalleN also confirmed the information previously appeared in the media about negotiations with Imperial. He noted that the deal is soon-to-be formalized.

I spoke with the CEO of Imperial. The guys and I discussed this possibility and I decided to start negotiations. As I said, the interaction with foreign clubs was very difficult, because they do not believe in our project. We don't want to create our own organization. From the very beginning, I was very open with Imperial, talking about everything that my squad needed. There is a high probability that we will start cooperating with them. Everything will be decided in the coming days, because the ESEA league starts in February and we want to be there.

Besides FalleN, Last Dance also featured Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Lincoln "fnx" Lau, Ricardo "⁠boltz⁠" Prass and Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo, while Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu became the coach of the team.

Origin: ge.globo.com