Russia leads in number of VAC bans received by players

The number of Russian players with permanently banned accounts on Steam has surpassed the one million mark, which is the highest among all countries. The information was provided by the statistical service Steamid, based on the location data of users who used the SteamAPI for verification.

The United States is in the second place in the number of VAC bans with 458,000 accounts banned, which is half as many as that in Russia. Turkey (298,000) and Poland (293,000) are placed third and fourth, respectively.

The top-10 countries by the number of VAC bans:

1. Russia – 1,000,000
2. USA – 458,000
3. Turkey – 298,000
4. Poland – 293,000
5. China – 276,000
6. Germany – 265,000
7. Brazil – 210,000
8. Canada – 160,000
9. Ukraine – 151,000
10. France – 124,000

VAC is an anti-cheat developed by Valve that detects prohibited software on players' computers. A banned user cannot appeal against a permanent ban.