m0NESY compares R8 Revolver "Blaze" to Bitcoin – the skin’s price then increased 10 times

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov from NAVI Junior during the live stream on his Twitch channel said that he had bought several R8 Revolver "Blaze", comparing it to Bitcoin. In his opinion, the cosmetic item is an investment asset similar to a cryptocurrency.

Osipov believes that in the near future Valve will make changes to the characteristics of the gun, which will make people use it more often in the game. In this regard, the "Blaze" will become more popular and therefore more expensive.

After m0NESY’s words, the price of R8 Revolver «Blaze» on the Steam Community Market increased several times: "Factory New" – from $0.39 to $0.77, "Minimal Wear" – from $0.3 to $2.98. At the same time, the number of transactions increased tenfold: in the first three hours after m0NESY's stream, the skin was purchased more than 4 thousand times.

Origin: www.twitch.tv