yXo on criticism towards casters: "I can shut any top player in understanding CS"

Alexey "yXo" Maletskiy, a caster for WePlay, a studio covering big tournaments in Russian, shared his opinion on the criticism of casters from some players. He assured that he understands CS:GO better than many professionals and added that each member of the community should mind his own business, and not discuss the work of others.

Here it goes again, some professional player didn’t like the way a caster does his job. It makes me... Well, not really sick, okay. It's been a while. There was a time when s1mple was saying similar things – raged after watching some match. I will say this: the caster must cast, the player must play, the analyst must analyze, and the operator must operate. Everyone must mind their own business.

Casters do not have a goal to please everyone. Just like a player or any other person. You can't make everyone like you. There are a large number of casters with different approaches, different understanding of the game, and so on.

As for the specific statements of certain players... Personally, I can shut any top player in understanding CS and say: "Dude, if you think you know a lot, then I know no less than you". Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Professionalism is very subjective. Some are comparing us to NHL and NBA casters. It is Counter-Strike. It has its own history, its own understanding, its own vision. To each his own. I see the importance in making any game as interesting to watch as possible and in attracting the audience. A game, which people just like to hear, watch and have fun. This is our job, and we do it just fine.

Maletskiy's words were most likely a response to the statement made by an in-game leader of Gambit Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov the day before. The player drew attention to the low professional level of casters in the CIS.

Origin: t.me