es3tag: "It is only a matter of time before NIP conquer the CS:GO world"

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, a player of NIP, believes that eventually the current lineup of his new team will achieve significant success in big tournaments. In an interview to, the Dane noted that after the first days of working with the team, he saw big room for growth.

It means the world to me, the fact that I was able to get the opportunity with this huge organization and legendary team. <...> After being on the server with the guys, I can truly see the potential of this team and I think it will be huge. I think we can take it all the way, also me personally. The roles on the team are a perfect fit, so I think it’s only a matter of time before we conquer the CS:GO world – and NAVI should be careful.

Hansen also opened up about his roles in NIP.

I’m going to be a support/lurker on the team. I will also get to call on my side of the map to make sure everything goes smoothly when we execute on sites but also make sure to throw the right flashes and smokes as well. I’m okay having the support role because I know we have some stars in REZ and dev1ce. For me, finding that consistency will be key, and I’m expecting to go really far with NIP.

The es3tag’s debut will take place at the big LAN event BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, which will be held in Copenhagen from November 24 to 28. Astralis are to be the first opponent of the Scandinavian squad.