FaZe beat BIG in a match for 9th place at IEM Fall 2021

FaZe won the encounter for the 9th place in the European part of the RMR tournament IEM Fall 2021. Finn "karrigan" Andersen's team took over BIG 2:0 - 16:9 on Mirage and 16:4 on Overpass.

In the OG – Heroic matchup, which was taking place at the same time, Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen's squad turned out to be stronger than their opponents. The battle for 11th place ended 2:0 – 16:11 on Nuke and 16:8 on Inferno.

Let us remind you that the additional matches between the teams mentioned were held to distribute RMR-points up to 11th place: FaZe – 1250, BIG – 1094, OG – 938.

IEM Fall 2021 Europe additional matches (9-12th places) final bracket:

Full schedule, up-to-date results, as well as the IEM Fall 2021 Europe live stream are available on the tournament’s page on our website via this link.