Renegades to play at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Renegades will take part at the upcoming major. The Australian team has already secured first place in the Oceania's RMR rankings even before the regional IEM Fall 2021 qualifier is over.

In the final of the IEM Fall 2021 Oceania upper bracket, Joshua "INS" Potter's squad beat LookingForOrg, which will allow them to get at least 2344 RMR-points at the end of the tournament. Thus, in the regional ranking, Renegades are now out of reach for their main pursuer, ORDER.

Among the confirmed PGL Major Stockholm 2021 participants, the Australians joined NAVI, Team Spirit and Gambit, who had already received slots. The Pacific region representatives will start the prestigious event in a "Contender" status.

Let us recall that the upcoming major will take place in Stockholm from October 26 to November 7. The playoffs will be held in front of a live audience at the Avicii Arena that accomodates 15,000 people. 24 participants will compete for the total prize money of $2 million.