FaZe analyst: "We are experiencing difficulties in converting 5x4 rounds on T side"

FaZe analyst Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin, on his Telegram channel, shed some light on several in-game problems that his team is currently experiencing. Among other things, he outlined the poor conversion of numerical advantage on T side.

I’ll share some insights on FaZe Clan's in-game problems. For those who closely follow the scene, or our performances, this post may not be eye-opening, but nevertheless.

- We are experiencing difficulties in converting 5x4 rounds on T side. This can be clearly seen from the win rate, which is 65-67% on average. And these are bad numbers. karrigan and Robban try to deal with this global issue.

- The game and pre-made solutions used on anti-eco/anti-force rounds are a different story. But we (and I in particular) are working step by step to solve this problem. It gets better through pain, mistakes, and unsuccessful iterations. Slowly but surely we come up with the right decisions.

- Sometimes the team is lost in both 5x4 and 4x5 situations. After the first frag, there comes turmoil and confusion.

- We note our patterns, which opponents are using against us, so we are working on eliminating them.

It should be reminded that at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021, which was the last tournament for the team, FaZe reached the grand final of group C, where they lost to NAVI. This result allowed the European squad to secure a slot in the BLAST autumn season final.

The upcoming matches for Finn "karrigan" Andersen's team will take place at the RMR tournament IEM Fall 2021 Europe. The championship will be held from September 29 to October 10 in Stockholm, where 24 teams will compete for RMR-points needed to get to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

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