BIG to face off against NIP in Group B grand final at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021

BIG beat G2 in the final of the lower bracket in Group B at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 (16:12 on Dust2 and 19:17 on Inferno). The victory secured the German squad a spot in the grand final of their group, while the Nemanja "nexa" Isaković's team is out of the tournament.

Today, September 22, at 21:30 MSK, BIG will encounter NIP in the decisive match of Group B. Both teams have already advanced to the final of the BLAST autumn season and in the upcoming game will compete only for the better money reward: the winner will receive $25,000, while the losing roster - $12,500.

Current Group B bracket at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021:

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