Alliance announced their CS:GO division

The Swedish organization Alliance has announced their first ever CS:GO roster, which was formed in cooperation with the esports school Boberg Esports. It was announced on the official multigaming’s website.

The brand new team, represented by five little-known Swedes, will play under the Alliance Boberg tag. In the near future, the squad plans to compete exclusively at the regional level and national championships among students.

Alliance Director of Strategic Development Kelly Ong Xiao Wei said that the decision to sign young players is related to the organization's ability to take aspiring esports players to a professional level.

Alliance has a strong tradition of developing up and coming players into champions of the now and future. Together with Boberg we would be able to support, explore and re-define youth development in modern esports. This will be the first of many youth development programs we will be participating in and we can be proud of continuing our tradition of support player development and also grassroots esports.

Current Alliance Boberg lineup:

Oliver "zilco" Hoglund
Timmy "Sn0w" Bruhn
 Ruben "thorns" Thornberg
Mattias "mxttias" Lindbom
Filip "blixt" Hortlin