ESIC explains interference in HUNDEN scandal with a threat of the ESL tournament integrity

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) named the potential impact on the integrity of IEM Cologne 2021, which is hosted by ESL, the current Commission member, as the main reason for their interference in the conflict between Heroic and former coach of the CS:GO roster Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen. This was stated by ESIC in a comment to Dexerto.

According to the information published, the scandal caused by the Heroic’s tactics leakage to third parties was regarded as a significant threat to the integrity of the ESL tournament and esports in general and therefore goes beyond the scope of a labor dispute with HUNDEN. ESIC would not have interfered if the conflict had occurred under different circumstances, the spokesman noted in a dialogue with reporters.

It should be reminded that at the end of July Heroic announced the start of a lawsuit against Petersen after their own investigation, the results of which showed that the coach shared confidential information with third parties without management or other team members knowing. A month later, the Esports Integrity Commission handed a two-year ban to the Danish specialist.

Interestingly enough, the conflict between Heroic and HUNDEN escalated when the former coach stated that his players were aware of him using the coaching bug, for which he got an 8-month ban last September. Earlier today, ESIC expressed their readiness to investigate the coach's statement as soon as he provides the necessary information for the proceedings.