ALEX on fnatic roster: "Trying to mesh so many different cultures together was a challenge"

fnatic’s in-game leader Alex "ALEX" McMeekin believes that creating an international squad is a difficult process because of the necessity of getting used to each other’s cultural background. In an interview with the Britt noted that the interaction within his new team is getting easier since the roster does not contain many players from different countries.

It was a unique experience for sure, trying to mesh so many different cultures and visions together was a challenge, but it was good overall as it opened my eyes to different ways of approaching the game and situations.

When I was in the interviews with fnatic, I said that I believe starting an international roster with the fewest of different nationalities and similar cultures would make it easier, although that didn't influence the decision to bring in mezii since they were already in talks with him.

ALEX also shared his opinion on some of the new teammates. In particular, he outlined the potential of the young AWPer Jack "Jackinho" Ström Mattsson.

Jack has been really good to work with so far, he's very eager to learn and has a huge amount of skill. We're working closely with him to help him develop, and I believe with time that he can be the right style of AWP to balance out the team.

In fnatic ALEX reunited with former Cloud9 teammate Willian "mezii" Merriman. He believes that his compatriot is a very valuable asset since he is able to play different positions.

mezii is an IGL's dream to be honest, he can play any role, any position and if he's not already good at it he'll work really hard to get good at it. It's honestly hard to work out what he'll be best at, because he's good at everything, so I think he has a mixture of positions now where he'll have different roles, and we'll see in the future if he really stands out in one of them.

We recall that ALEX and mezii joined fnatic during the summer break on the professional scene. ESL Pro League Season 14 will be a debut tournament for the updated squad. From August 27 to 31 the team will compete with NAVI, FaZe, BIG, mousesports and Evil Geniuses for advancing to the playoffs.