Four CIS squads are in Thorin’s best teams ranking

Esports analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields has updated his own ranking of the strongest teams in CS:GO. He outlined ten top rosters, four of which happened to come from the CIS region: NAVI, Gambit,, and Team Spirit.

Compiling his ranking, Throin took the results of the last three month into account. The analyst divided all squads into three classes: S Class – elite teams; A Class – top teams, but not championship favorites; B Class – ranked but not top teams.

S Class

1.  NAVI
2.  Gambit
3.  G2

A Class

4.  NIP
6.  Astralis
7.  Heroic

B Class

8.  Vitality
9.  Team Spirit
10.  FaZe

Thorin noted that the team’s matches against one another at big tournaments were crucial in terms of their positions in the ranking. At the same time, he did not amend the state of affairs because of changes in rosters that took place during the reporting period.