A long rush is the most popular pro tactics on Dust2

A long rush is the most used attackers' strategy in professional teams on Dust2. The statistics were provided by Bayes Esports, which conducted the analysis using artificial intelligence.

Based on the processing of several thousand matches played by teams from the top 30 in the world rankings over the past 18 months, analysts concluded that there are more than 160 combinations in the attack on Dust2, and 22% of all rounds are played on the three main tactics:

  • A long rush (11% – strategy 3-33333)
  • A long rush with a diversion at B (7% – strategy 3-33334)
  • B rush (4% – strategy 1-11111)

Bayes Esports experts noted that point A is the most popular for setting the bomb, attracting 76% of all terrorist attacks. A few other interesting facts about the actions of the attack on Dust2 have been also provided:

  • Bomb site A is targeted in 76% of all rounds
  • Pistol rounds are played as a rush in 31% of the rounds (A: 22%, B: 9%)
  • In 42% of rounds, four or five players take the same path
  • The bomb carrier takes a path alone in 17% of all rounds

Origin: esportsinsider.com