xaoc: "flamie's return not only depends on B1T & his performance"

NAVI Operations Director Alexei "xaoc" Kucherov has spoken out about the possible return of Yegor "flamie" Vasilyev to the main lineup in the "35 HP" podcast. According to the manager, the potential roster changes will take into account not only the progress of Valery "B1T" Vakhovsky, who replaced flamie, but also the communication within the team.

Of course, we may see the return of flamie, but it depends not only on B1T and his performances. It depends on the whole team, on the communication within, on the dynamics of B1T's progress among others. It is a very important indicator. He may make some mistakes now, any player makes mistakes. It is very important to understand how quickly he eliminates them, whether he eliminates them for good or we discuss the same things but nothing changes.

Kucherov also added that you can evaluate the success of the roster only at a distance and without reference to certain eSports events.

If you can see the dynamics of the progress, it means that the team is growing. You can see the growth of the internal understanding of the game and results. I recently said that the result, as we currently understand it, is a distance, not a specific event. In that distance, it's the dynamics of progress that matter. This is one of the key factors on which we'll base, and this dynamics will only be visible after some time and some events.

Recall that at the beginning of April flamie was removed from the main NAVI squad, and his place was taken by B1T. Commenting on this decision, team coach Andrei "B1ad3" Horodensky said that Vasiliev needed rest to return to individual form.

Together with B1T, NAVI became the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 champion and is currently participating in the EPIC League CIS 2021 RMR tournament, where it will play against bankaPEPSI today, May 20, at 16:00 CET.

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