G2, HAVU & mousesports strengthened their positions in HLTV.org ranking

HLTV.org's ranking of the world's best teams has received another update, with G2, HAVU and mousesports improving their positions slightly. Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic's team moved closer to the top 10, ranking eleventh, while the Finnish and German organizations have added one position each and are ranked 16th and 18th, respectively.

More significant changes took place outside the top twenty. In particular, paiN and Copenhagen Flames moved up two places. SKADE made even more significant progress during the week, adding six spots and knocking ENCE out of the represented top 30.

HLTV.org rankings are updated weekly and primarily take into account the results of the past two months. Teams' accomplishments over the past year are also credited, with the number of points for past successes decreasing each month.