Astralis Talent add Altekz

Astralis announce they've come to an agreement with MASONIC to sign Дания, Denmark, DK Alexander 'Altekz' Givskov,17, and a releasing Дания, Denmark, DK Mathias 'R0nic' Pinholt. The amount of transfer was not disclosed, and the player will finally swap banners for Astralis' Academy on April 1. Altekz is one of the best performers for MASONIC, who are currently resting in fifth place in Elgiganten Ligaen with a 14-8 record.

Dennis 'VNG' Vang, Head of Talent, Counter-Strike:

- Our talent programme and the way we work with the individual players is deeply rooted in the culture of Astralis. In some ways it can be quite demanding and when working with younger players, we need to always have an eye on the players’ well-being. 'R0nic' is a hard-working, passionate, and very skilled player, who will flourish in the right context, but we believe he will have a better chance in another set-up.

- I have great confidence in Mathias and I am sure, he will do everything for the team in the coming matches and show how good a player he is.

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Dennis Vang on Alexander 'Altekz' Givskov:

- Alexander will join us in 3 weeks and my focus right now is our upcoming bootcamp and matches, and I want the players to keep that focus as well. What I can say, though, is that we see Alexander as a rare, natural In-Game Leader, who is also delivering in his present role as a support player, and I look forward to working with him when that time comes.

Besides Alexander 'Altekz' Givskov, Mikkel 'MistR' Thomsen is set to join the Astralis Talent roster this summer, completing the 6 man lineup.

 Astralis Talent:

  • Дания, Denmark, DK Andreas "⁠Void⁠" Dietrichsen
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Rasmus "⁠Zyphon⁠" Nordfoss
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Mads "⁠vester⁠" Vestergaard
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Victor "⁠vigg0⁠" Bisgaard
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Alexander "⁠Altekz⁠" Givskov
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Mikkel MistR Thomsen (starts Summer 2021)