FalleN will play DreamHack Open March matches from Europe

Team Liquid in-game leader & AWP Бразилия, Brazil, BR Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo will play DreamHack Open March 2021 matches from Europe, while the rest of his teammates already moved to North America. This was announced by Liquid manager Steve Perino on his Twitter. The reason behind this decision are visa restrictions, which forced him to stay outside of the United States.

According to Roque Marquez, FalleN is currently in Poland, from where he will participate in the tournament.

DreamHack Open March 2021 will take place March 10-14. Team Liquid are in Group A, with RBG, High Coast and Triumph as their opponents. The team will play their debut match on the night of March 11 against RBG.

Origin: twitter.com