GuardiaN received the status of free agent

Slovak player Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs, who spent the last year on the NAVI's bench, announced the end of his contract with the Ukrainian organization. At the moment he is in the status of a free agent and is considering options to continue his career.

NAVI moved GuardiaN on the bench and put him up for transfer in January 2020 when Ilya "Perfecto" Zalutsky joined the team. Shortly thereafter, the experienced sniper announced his intentions to temporarily leave the competitive scene to contemplate his future.

Notably, in a Feb. 9 interview with YouTube channel RivalryCSGO, Kovacs called his decision to return to the "born to win" camp in 2019 a mistake. He believes he should have taken a longer break after leaving FaZe to regain his motivation to perform at the highest level.

GuardiaN has been playing CS:GO professionally since 2012. The Slovak sharpshooter is the winner of eight MVP awards at prestigious tournaments and has been in the top 20 players of the year six times.