forZe introduced zorte & KENSI

forZe organization introduced Alexander "zorte" Zagodyrenko and Alexander "KENSI" Gurkin as players in the main roster, thus confirming information provided by the insider Alexei "OverDrive" Biryukov. The corresponding press release was published on the Russian club's official website.

Both newcomers previously represented ex-ETHEREAL and have already played their first matches forZe. The 22-year-old zorte has played five games at Snow Sweet Snow #1, while the 20-year-old KENSI took part in a match against SAW at ESEA Premier Season 36 for Europe.

After signing two new players, the forZe roster has expanded to six players. At the same time, the organization previously put Dmitry "facecrack" Alekseev on transfer.

The team's next game will be played on February 12 against Lyngby Vikings in the group stage of the European Development Championship 2.