Astralis Talents players presented

The Multi-gaming organization Astralis has formed a roster for the youth team. The players will be part of Astralis Talent's young talent program and will go on to play in various tournaments as well as be used as a sparring partner for the main team.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports, Astralis Group:

- Our coaching team has been working with a list of prospects but ever since we first revealed our plans, we’ve literally had hundreds of inquiries from interested players and parents. It’s been fantastic to experience the curiosity and I believe we could put together 5-6 teams of skilled young talent.

- We have prioritized hard based upon on criteria that, besides game sense and technical skills, also revolve around personality and the ability and desire to lean how to work as a professional in a culture like ours. Here we strive to progress every day, not just as individuals but as a team and as a part of the entire organization.

- We will be using time and resources on developing and working with each player and it’s really going to require a lot from all of us. Just like with the A-teams, we have patience, though, and the goal is not to win everything from the get-go but to gradually improve as an organisation, team and individual players. We will most likely not develop player for the A-team the first 12 months, but we will improve and develop the methods, the teams, the culture and each player so we can achieve long term goals for both the organization but also the individual players, says Hvidt

 Astralis Talent consists of six players between the ages of 16 and 21 who have previously represented various Scandinavian teams at the semi-professional level. They will work with two coaches.

Astralis Talent Counter-Strike:

  • Head of Talent/head coach: Dennis ”VNG” Vang
  • Volunteer: Mathias ”spdr” Dohn
  • In-Game Leader: Mathias “R0nic” Pinholt, 19
  • AWP: Andreas “void” Dietrichsen, 17
  • Rifler: Rasmus “zyph0n” Nordfoss, 16
  • Rifler: Mads “vester” Vestergaard, 18
  • Rifler: Victor “vigg0” Bisgaard, 21
  • Rifler; Mikkel “MistR” Thomsen, 16, begins Summer 2021