Dust2.dk: North put MSL & aizy on transfer due to their high salaries

North players Mathias "MSL" Lauridsen and Philip "aizy" Aistrup were expelled from the main roster and put up for transfer due to high expenses of the organization on their salaries. This is reported by portal Dust2.dk with reference to their own sources.

According to Danish journalists, North spent $40-48 thousand a month on MSL and aizy salaries. At the same time, newcomer to the team Christopher "Kristou" Amand receives about $4.8 thousand.

North has four players on contract at the moment. It is expected that the fifth member of the team will earn at the level of Kristou. The organization announced that Rasmus "kreaz" Johansson will stand-in for the team on a trial period, who in the future may be replaced by other potential newcomers.

It also became known that last year's losses North amounted to just over $2 million. The organization in equal shares owned by the company PARKEN Sport & Entertainment, which operates the football club "Copenhagen", and the studio Nordisk Film.

Origin: www.dust2.dk