Peak CS:GO online have exceeded 1 million mark for the first time since June

According to Steam Database, on November 14 1,011,452 people simultaneously played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , which is the highest figure for the period from June 1 this year. In the last five months, the peak online game was from 850,662 (July 20) to 980,879 (September 7) users.

At the same time, the current average online game for November is at 639 thousand people, which is ~25 thousand more than was recorded in October. In early summer, the average number of players was 671.6 thousand. Record peak online in the shooter from Valve was set April 18 this year.

It is noteworthy that according to the information of several insiders, which was published in early November, soon CS:GO will release a new operation with cooperative missions on locations from the "Danger Zone". At the same time, the updated versions of Office and Mirage maps are expected to be added.