BIG to the playoffs at Flashpoint 2

BIG is the first team in the playoffs of the second season of the Flashpoint league from Group B. In the decisive game, the German team defeated forZe with a score of 2:0 - 16:7 on Dust2 and 16:14 on Inferno.

Also in Group B MIBR was stronger than Envy - 16:12 on Nuke, 14:16 on Overpass, and 16:9 on Inferno.

At the same time, neither of the three teams has lost their chances to enter the next stage of the tournament. The loser of the MIBR match - forZe will continue to fight in the Last Chance competition with two teams that took third place in groups A and C. Envy will also be able to break through to an additional round if the teams that finish last in their groups will be beaten statistically.

The actual bracket of Group B:

You can find more information about the intermediate results of the group stage and the full schedule of subsequent matches of Flashpoint 2 on the tournament page on the link.