100 Thieves, Liquid & TeamOne to the playoffs at IEM New York 2020

100 Thieves, Liquid and TeamOne have completed the list of participants in the playoffs of the North American RMR tournament IEM New York 2020. On the final game day of the group stage, they beat Mythic, RBG and Chaos respectively.

In Group A, where the playoff participants were determined one tour before the end, New England Whalers won FURIA and Triumph - Rebirth.

The final tables of the group stage:

The IEM New York 2020 playoffs for North America will begin on October 15. Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves as winners of their groups will start with the semifinals. Teams that lost in the first round will play in the match for fifth place, and those who lost in the semifinals - for third.

Playoffs seeding:

For more information on the results of the group stage and the full schedule of the next IEM New York 2020 games for North America, please visit the tournament page.