AVEZ introduced tudsoN as a stand-in

Polish organization AVEZ announced that in the next official matches the fifth player of the team as the stand-in will be Philip "tudsoN" Tudev. The temporary agreement will continue until Kamil "KEi" Pietkun returns from the inactivity, who previously asked to be transferred to the reserve due to emotional burnout.

The last team of tudsoN was Team Secret, where he was expelled from the main roster on May 13, and the contract was finally terminated on June 3. Since then, he has played only one official match, when on August 25 as a stand-in played for Illuminar against Apeks in the ninth tournament of the series Malta Vibes.

In his Twitter account, Tudev thanked AVEZ for the opportunity and stated that he would play as a riffler or second sniper. These are roles that he has long wanted to try.