starix: "Many used the bug, I was aware of it since 2016"

Former NAVI player and coach Sergey "starix" Ishchuk has made a statement regarding the recent ban of CS:GO coaches from Heroic, MIBR and Hard Legion, which they've received for using an exploit that allowed them to watch the actions of an opponent. He claims that on the professional stage they knew about the bug four years ago and also gave similar examples from CS 1.6.

I knew about this bug four years ago, as well as many other people. At that time, I was more interested in what was going on with the players and it was more important for me to switch between players. Now the coaches are sent to lay on the map to give information about the rotation :)).

Finding and using bugs in a game can always be seen in two ways: on the one hand you use bugs that give you some advantage, and on the other hand you find and use it because you're cool and the others aren't. This was the case with 16 bits in 1.6. A clear example is ESWC 2004, where Fin or Sally (I don't remember exactly) killed SK through smoke on dust with AWP. Also lowering the crosshair down - this was done to be able to look through the smoke. Everybody knew and used it before the tournaments banned it.

Starix also questioned the achievements of Robin "flusha" Ronnquist from fnatic, saying that the Swede won the majors with cheats, and Valve did not dare to punish him for it.

Even until recently, already in CS:GO was a thing with Molotov, when because of the black smoke was seen worse, and it was also a bug and it was used by players. What about the bug with radar in smoke? Players knew it and used it. Then why not get everyone who used it? After all, it also gives an advantage. I don't even want to touch on the subject of flusha , that in my opinion, Valvve found cheats and couldn't officially admit that the man who won a couple of majors used cheats - it would kill the game and the Valve in general.

As a result of ESL investigation, coaches from Heroic, MIBR and Hard Legion received different penalties. starix did not understand the principle of determining the duration of the ban, and also drew attention to the players who probably knew about the actions of the coach.

I do not understand the policy of Valve, why give different ranges of the ban? After all, they used essentially the same thing. Let's give different times for each of them, one was 1 hour, the other was 1 day. Valve themselves must look for the bugs and pay money to find them. They have to bring the game to candy, and they punish the coaches, who can't refer themselves not to the players, not to the organization. So now they are also banished for the fact that by mutual agreement with the players they used this bug for the players and the organization to win, but only the coach who agreed to do it for the benefit of all suffers.

Knowing Zoner and Hunden personally, I feel very bad for them. You will say that this is what they need, from part yes, they deserve to be punished, but not for a year. Come on, this bug has probably been used by a lot of people and it is not known how long, because I personally know about it since 2016. Let's watch all the games from 2016 and give full bans, all who used to uszle this bug. If they used it personally, then yes, they deserved to be punished, but they used it for the team, ie the players listened to the information of the coach and made decisions. Why are only coaches being bathed? Once again, Valve and the community show their indifference to coaches.