First qualifiers matches at FunSpark ULTI revealed

The organizers of the Chinese LAN Tournament FunSpark ULTI have published the schedule of qualifying groups and first matches in the European and North American regions. Qualifiers for the two regions will kick off August 8.

In Europe, 16 teams are split in two groups and will play in double-elimination format with matches up to two wins after the first round. The winners of the groups will get a place in the LAN-final and in the decisive match will play $15,000. In North America, eight teams will compete in the double-elimination playoffs. The winner will receive $7,500 along with a trip to China.

The $300,000 FunSpark ULTI is scheduled to take place December 1-6, but is likely to be postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The final dates will be announced after players are able to arrive in China safely.

The host cities are Beijing, Hainan and Chengdu. The three selected teams will be joined by four invited ones. Two direct invites have already been awarded to FURIA and TYLOO. It is expected that the last two invitations will be announced in the coming weeks, along with the start of qualification in Asia, from where another team will go to the tournament.

European qualifiers:

Group A

 Movistar Riders

Group B


Starting matches:

Saturday, 8 August
14:00  Dignitas vs.  Giants
15:30  Secret vs.  Syman
17:00  forZe vs.  Nordavind
18:30  Endpoint vs.  Movistar Riders

Sunday, 9 August
14:00  North vs.  x6tence
15:30  AGO vs.  Illuminar
17:00  Sprout vs.  Winstrike
18:30  Nemiga vs.  c0ntact

North American qualifiers:

 Ze Pug Godz
 New England Whalers

Starting matches:

Saturday, 8 August
21:00  TeamOne vs.  Cloud9
22:30  Ze Pug Godz vs.  Yeah
00:00  Levitate vs.  Chaos
02:30  New England Whalers vs.  TBD