BIG Academy showed another Olofmeister style boost on Overpass

At the ongoing Nine to Five #2 tournanebt BIG Academy had lost to AVEZ 2:1, but the match was remembered first of all for the non-standard game of the Germans on the second card. With the score 14:8 in their favor, they held an eco-round with one AWP and got a sniper by the toilets on Overpass.

It took four players for the boost, but as a result Max "PANIX" Hangebruch was able to control the terrorists' access to point B, making two kilos. After that, the Germans successfully dealt with the remaining opponents, winning the round and then the map.

This bust is reminiscent of what the fnatic did in the DreamHack Winter 2014 quarterfinals against LDLC. At that time the Swedes lost 3-12, but took advantage of the pixel bug and time after time they planted an Olofmeister that saw the whole point B, the swamp and the tunnel approaches from the terrorist base.

They reached the semifinals, but after the match the organizers satisfied the complaint of the French and announced a third card replay from the score 13:3. The Swedes did not make that decision and withdrew from the tournament. A few days later, Valve removed the pixel allowing for a replay by adding a sign that said "It's forbidden to climb over the railing!