broky accused former Epsilon management of not paying him

Former CEO of Epsilon Greg Champagne has salary arrears to two former players and  former coach. Helvijs "broky" Saukants, who currently represents FaZe, told Dot Esports about this.

According to the Latvian, he has not received his contract money for the period from April to July 2019, which is about $6,000. It also turned out that so far the salary has not been received by Robin "robiin" Hegren, who is now part of Endpoint, and Complexity coach Jamie "keita" Hall.

According to journalists, Epsilon was in debt to most of the team members, and on time the salary received only star players. In October 2019, Champagne paid off debts to some former employees and left the club a few months later.

The new Epsilon management did not contact the cheated players