starix is in search for a new team

Russian pro player Sergei "starix" Ishchuk, who has been performing for 1WIN lately, announced he is considering new options for the next step of his esports career. The current contract of the 32-year-old Ukrainian expires in a month.

A month earlier, insider Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov said that Ishchuk was expelled from the main 1WIN team. According to him, the player did not find out about the team's decision until a week after he started searching for potential candidates for a replacement.

Starix has been representing 1WIN since January this year. In early June the squad took part in all three open qualifiers for the rating tournament WePlay! Clutch Island, but could not go further than the quarterfinals, losing to Moscow Five Academy, HellRaisers and CR4ZY respectively. Later that month the Ukrainian was transferred to the reserve and Renars "reN" Grodskis took his place.

The current composition is 1WIN:

 Anton "tonyblack" Kolesnikov
 Vadim "DavCost" Vasilyev
 Alexander "TRAVIS" Timkiv
 Dmitry "propleh" Senigov
 Renars "reN" Grodskis

 Vadim "MSE" Zimin (Coach)

 Sergey "starix" Ishchuk (reserve)