Team Spirit are the top-3 team by pistol rounds win

Portal published lists of the best and worst compositions from the top 30 of the world ranking by percentage of wins in pistol rounds for the first half of this year. The Russian Team Spirit team was among the top three most successful with 57.3% on 172 cards.

The first place in the rating was taken by Astralis, who won 59.5% of the starting rounds for the side. The second line with 57.3% was occupied by Vitality, who played 63 cards less than the dragons with the same winrate. also gathered similar statistics separately for each side. Astralis (63.3%), Team Spirit (62.2%) and Natus Vincere (59.3%) were the best in defense, while Americans - Liquid (60.2%), Evil Geniuses (58.4%) and Gen.G (57.8%) were the best in attack.