Thorin's CSGO World Rankings - 14th July 2020

Analyst Duncan "Thorin" Shields has updated his personal ranking of the strongest teams in CS:GO, taking into account the results of the tournaments for the last four months. The new leader is the German team BIG, which in June won the championship titles of the prestigious DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and cs_summit 6, while the top four of the previous subjective top in the face of Natus Vincere, fnatic, mousesports and Astralis did not make it to the updated list.

BIG are not a team that even participated in the Road to Rio, so you know they must have been putting in serious work to not only crack this rankings list but actually make it to the top spot immediately! In this time of online, how can you call BIG's play anything but S Class? They have won two of the biggest recent tournaments, numerous smaller events and put a ton of wins up against squads like FNATIC and FaZe Clan. They even won a Bo5 over G2.

This is a much more powerful and consistent BIG than the team who famously made their Cologne finals run two years ago. Not only do they look set to continue battling for this tops pot, but they will be very much an exciting prospect when offline play returns.

Duncan's current rating is "Thorin" Shields:

1.  BIG (new team)
2.  Vitality (new team)
3.  Evil Geniuses (+5 places)
4.  G2 (+1 place)
5.  FURIA (new team)
6.  Liquid 
7.  FaZe 
8.  Gen.G (new team)
9.  Complexity (new team)
10.  NiP (new team)

After a number of successful performances, BIG led the authoritative ratings from and ESL. Experts disagreed on whether the German grand will be able to hold the lead: DeKay doubted the team's ability to win LAN tournaments, while petr1k is sure that the results of "Berliners" are not random and they are at the peak of their form.

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